“TMS has given me back my life as I knew it 25 years ago. After the 4th TMS treatment, I began to feel much better. I’m free of the drugs that could only help in a limited way and provided many unpleasant side effects. My natural energy has returned, my optimistic attitude and happy demeanor are again in place to enhance all parts of my life. I would highly recommend TMS Therapy to all patients who fall within the guidelines.” – Jack age 63

“TMS has definitely made a difference for me in my life.” – Julia  age 38

“Every aspect of my life has more of a normalcy to it—sleeping, eating and social interaction.” –  Lynn age 28

“This is the best I have felt in years. Happy, hopeful and coping better.” –  Ralph age 68

“I am enjoying work; I’m experiencing my own creativity.” – Sonia age 42

“Note increase of energy, mood has improved, having a better sleep pattern.” –  Betsy  age 54

“I am no longer depressed; I want to be with my kids again. I have the energy to clean my house, to do things like I use to.” – Dayna age 40

“The only change is TMS—I’m happy” –  Mary age 63

“I’m sleeping 7 to 7 ½ hours without any medication for sleep.” – Frank age 75

“I can concentrate and remember what I have read—it has been years since I could do this.” – Joyce age 75

“No more anxiety” – Alex age 48

“I have my wife back.” – Richard Husband of  Patient

“I haven’t felt this good in over 40 years.” – Daniel age 72

“I haven’t felt this way in 5 years. I’m not crying anymore, I’m laughing again.”  – Martha age 68

“He is amorous with me after all these years.” – wife of  Rosemary  age 68

“I have my sexuality back.” – Angela age 63

“My relationships have changed for the positive with my wife and family.” – Samuel  age 42

“I am driving a car and doing errands again after 10 months.” – Ellen age 72

“I feel like I am 30 again, I’m Happy.” – Paul 75